The Future?

This video was released about 8 months ago but I just came across it earlier this week and I’ve been thinking a lot about it. It was released by Microsoft Office and I guess is a strategic move to show that they are also moving into de future. So if I got you enough interested please take a couple minutes to watch:

So what do you think? First and foremost I have to recognize the effort in putting a video such as this with the amount of budget that probably took but how good is it. I remember a couple years ago Microsoft releasing a similar video about Surface. The technology was just out there the multitouch interface, and they presented this video where people interacted with this table, and was part of a restaurant and cubes and at least back then they made me believe that they were actually developing that product for sale and that by now you would see it at least somewhere important, maybe not in the living room but somewhere and making a big fuzz. It made me believe that Microsoft was up to something cool that would finally compete with Apple. Truth is, a couple months later Apple announced the iPad and changed the game.

I see this video, and I say, wow if they are able to develop this I will be amazed and they will kick Apple’s ass. I think of that moment I guess it will happen. Its like Nintendo, it ruled and suddenly bam, Playstation and the XBox came to own the market, then the Wii came and it got control again, and then XBox Kinect landed and now we all think it rocks. I think sometimes on who is going to come back to Apple and kick his ass.

But I find cheap that a company like Google and their glasses, and Microsoft with this video are actually presuming they have that technology when in the past 5 years none of them have brought a break through technology into the game, but Apple has, and several, and in several ways. You see, Apple does not have a futuristic video, but I’m sure they have a vision like this one. While Microsoft and Google which to me are the only ones who have a chance right now to get back in the game are just portraying their vision without actually achieving it.

What do you think was the purpose of this, and all those other videos? Leave a comment.