Many people do not know this but this blog started with many dreams in hand. It started in a time where the path was not clear and a dream called Inside of the Box was taking shape. In Mexico we have and expression called “While its pears or apples” and it is followed by something you are going to do while something else is decided. Ergo, the title of the blog (Of course there was something Mac about mentioning an Apple).
Funny enough (well maybe not that funny) three years and half later I feel in a similar position although very different circumstances, followed again by  this need of writing. So I decided to make a priority in this break from work to stop think and redraw the path. And this is why I decided to start this journey by writing in this abandoned blog. I would like to promise myself to write three articles a week once again but I do not know if my life can accommodate that for now and that is ok.


I apologize if this is not the usual stuff you read in my blog 
but I thought it was important for me to share and explain the very nature of it. Because 
whatever the path or the situation there are a couple things I am certain: My passion for theatre, my passion for technology and that there is nothing else in the world I would prefer to do but these two things. 
Mac N’ Theatre was going to be a second blog that I was going to start to write but instead it became the basis of an iBook with a series of manuals on which technologies I use for theatre production. So for the next days that will be the project I will be focusing on. Pulling myself out of my routine and environment hoping to start a new era in my life. See you on the other side.