About Me

Jose R. Valdes R. • Photo: Maxime Cote

Jose R. Valdes R. • Photo: Maxime Cote

I am a twenty seven year old theatre professional. Musical theatre is my life and passion and I do my best to spread my knowledge and interest to as many people as I can. I also have a big passion for technology and media communication. I believe, unlike many of us in the industry, that theatre is not just an art but also an entertainment, education and information media. I have a theatre company called Inside Of The Box (please feel free to visit, click on link) and we do theatre production using all the internet and technology tools available to us today. We also spend some time researching and developing new software dedicated to our specific production and communication needs in the theatre industry.

I studied Industrial Design and Foundations of Design, Construction and Architecture. After that I went to National Theatre School of Canada to study Production. I have trained as a performer and dancer but its been a while since I was on-stage. Hopefully will go back some day.

Born and raised in Mexico City, then lived in Sydney for a year in 2004, then moved to Montreal to study production. Now back in the big city I balance my time between personal projects and those that I can help.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Mario Albacete says:

    Hey, amigo Pepe. First of all, gotta say this pic of yours looks great: both the very good-looking guy in it and the great picture itself (done by a great photographer, definitely!).

    Luego entonces, I was just wandering around the net and found this page to my surprise. Haven’t seen it yet, but I will in a moment. Te diré luego qué me pareció tu nuevo espacio, pero antes diré que me da mucho gusto verte y saber de ti amigo.

    ¡Mucho éxito! As I’ve always wished you so. Keep on walking, cuz most definitely you’ll arrive where you want to.

    Always, all the best for you, manito!

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