While you wait…

Yesterday was a terrible day for technology in my life. It all started when I woke up I grabbed my iPhone and I was just about to Tweet what a wonderful day it was going to be when suddenly CRASH. The screen went black and that was it, no answer. There isn’t much you can do at this point than two press the only two press-able buttons in the device in different combinations and timings to understand your phone is really off. I plug it into the power outlet and bam, what I feared, a welcoming message in about 10 different languages to only tell me to plug to iTunes. This wasn’t looking good. Two years ago I had a jailbroken phone to be able to use it here in Mexico so I knew my way around a bit. Long story short, its been 31 hours without my phone, without internet and my iPad and MacBook simply don’t do the trick anymore. Twitter, Foursquare, Whatsapp, Find my Friends and my boss’ addiction to Whatsapp and e-Mail was just the beginning of the realization on how important my iPhone is in my life.

Which brings us to problem number two. A new phone apparently. My iPhone is with the doctor right now they dared to ask me to wait two hours for a final diagnose on what is happening and this is probably how waiting in the hospital feels like. (I’m barely exaggerating) So while my two year old phone is in recovery (hopefully) I decided to ask for the new internet plans and BAM!!! second bad news today. It turns out that there is no longer unlimited internet data plans anymore. WHAT!!!! I’ve had unlimited data since I started using iPhone four years ago. Which leads me to the actual point of this post (thanks for reading this far by the way).

As I predicted in one of my previous posts: 11 Things We Will Laugh About In The Future in numbers 1 and 2 you can see that I see that in the future Land lines, cell phone minutes or SMS will be something in the past (like pagers). Everything is pointing towards that data is new coin in mobile technology. I realize I no longer care on how many minutes I get in my plan, even less on how many SMSs I can send. But cutting my unlimited plan to 3GB seemed a bit too much. (Even though I only use about 1.5GB a month, but I want to feel like I can own the world). I think this is an obvious and very smart move (good for them, not for me) in the mobile carriers, however if they are really moving forward and saying, hey, data is what matters, then start trying unlimited minutes. That is only fair I think, or give up SMS and embrace the future. You want to make money per MB? Then encourage your users to use Whatsapp and internet calls making SMS and Minutes redundant, push us to our futures against our economies but be fair.

What has happened in these past two days, definitely not fair.


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