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It has been a while since I wrote my last posts. The last two posts where on predictions on what the future will have for us. However, lately I have been thinking a lot in the past on how we used to do things but more than anything how we are going in a new way to older practices.

When I was a kid, the biggest parent-children fight was to get the kids off the TV and the videogames. Was that the last piece of technology back then? Maybe. However, having a conversation with a woman in the theatre, she was telling me that the biggest struggle right now is to keep the kids off the Computer, iPhone and Blackberries. And what are they all doing? Reading and writing… This used to be a good thing when I was a kid! Not just the kids, lots of people are spending a lot of time in the computer and other devices and though we spend a really good time in Youtube, Netflix and Pandora, most of our time we actually spend it reading and writing indeed. At work I spend more time on e-mail than on the phone and my boss keeps texting everyone to see how things are going through BB Pin and Whats App . According to my parent’s generation (my professional research involves asking them and their friends) most of the communication time at work as spent on the phone.

Add up the time you spend using Facebook, Twitter, Reading Blogs, Google News, E-mail, MSN Messenger, SMS, and IM Texting. Put it all together and you will find out that we are reading and writing way much more than we used 5 years ago. Yes, it would be better if we were reading literature and writing essays but still text is becoming once again the MAIN communicating system. The main stream is becoming independent and individual, and communication is becoming one on one. To find out about an artist or the latest gossip you go to read the artist or the artist’s fans twitters. You join to people’s facebook pages and you read their blogs. There is no longer one stream that will present you selected information. You choose what you want to read from the people you want to read from.

When people were saying a couple years ago that blogging was the future of communication I have to admit that I was pretty sceptical. When Twitter came out announced as a “Micro-Blogging” I was not convinced with the Term, but watching how people connect and use it for I see what they meant and the vision that they had. And indeed we are all “blogging” now through Twitter. Meta information is starting to be crucial and there is nothing that news shows can do for that. Things become news as they become TTs on Twitter and by the time they reach the nightly news the TTs have changed and other things are happening that you won’t see until the day after.

Now what is next with text? I think we need to narrow things down. As I announced the death of SMS in my last post, we have too many options for Instant Messaging: SMS, BB Pin, Whats App, Facebook, PingChat, Messenger, AIM. And Facetime will gather strength in the next couple years. So now we have to open multiple services to stay connected with friends, and those apps that gather all are slow and not very effective. So we somehow need to find the service that will keep us all together. I think Facebook needs to step forward and create a useful and more efficient way to manage their messenger, and really push for it with iPhone, Blackberry and Android versions of it.I also think that Dictation development will finally be important to many users. My biggest issue is that it is dangerous to text and drive. My phone really needs to be able to take dictation and read text messages to me. In any case I believe we are still in phase 2 on discovering the internet and what it will do with our daily lives. Social Media will blend more with our activities throughout the day and the phone will more and more be an extension of our arms. Don’t be scared, embrace it.

It is so nice to be back and I want to thank you for READING this post and I hope you WRITE a comment or a tweet for this article. Remember to joing the Facebook Group of suscribe through RSS. And invite people you like to read. Cheers! and See you soon!

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