12 Wishes for this Christmas

Well, we start today the official countdown for Christmas. So in this 12 days of Christmas, I would like to ask for 12 wishes for me and all the Theatre and Technology community. (But mostly me). So please read carefully and set a plan into motion to make them come true (especially those for me). Please Comment (next to post title), Subscribe to RSS or join the Facebook group (link on the right) so you can receive updates and invite others to read me! (Please see Wish #6).

1. A new kick-ass-multimillion-here-to-stay musical on Broadway. Since Wicked I don’t think we have really seen a big musical that will become a classic for years to come and that revivals will be made forever and productions Worldwide will flourish. I mean Billy Elliot may be something like that and even Mary Poppins, but we all know we are not talking about the same proportions. Its been 5 years already and the decade is gone, is that it? One show of this nature in a decade?

2. More people in theatre seats. I know we all wish for this but we cannot continue blaming it on an ‘uneducated audience’. Or that audiences have no culture therefore they don’t go to theatre. “AUDIENCE” is not this abstract thing that has a spontaneous reaction to things. WE are all audiences and guess what, if we don’t have people in our seats its because WE are doing something wrong as theatre makers. Think in you raw audience, not in your fellow writers and actors, think on the general public, not in smart-ass critics. Then you may have a chance to actually appeal to your real consumers.

3. A greener production process. I have met a couple production companies that are recycling sets. (Yes, this is also to save money) but if we start sharing as a community our sets we won’t only save money but we will also save wood, and therefore trees. (I don’t know why it always comes down to trees). Also, it is unbelievable the amount of paper we waste on this production process from scripts, to lists, to calendars. We need to find a solution to do our little part on it and maybe serve as an example to other industries where a change would have a greater impact than ours.

4. A Kindle. Yes people!!! I would loooove a Kindle. I write so much about it and all the things that could potentially we do in our industry with it and I’m even designing my own Theatre friendly prototype and I don’t have one! So if you are wondering what you could send me over this Christmas? Don’t hesitate, its a Kindle. (Or maybe a Nook would do as well). For those of you who don’t know what on earth I’m talking about the Kindle is an e-book reader from Amazon. Nook is new competition from Barnes & Noble.

5. A Direction. I didn’t direct anything artistically this year and that is annoying me. I know I’ve been busy doing production but every once in a while I need that to fulfill my artistic needs. Working on a couple projects thank god.

6. Social Media Response. I have been trying hard to keep up with this Blog and Twitter and fortunately it has grown into something. However, I would like to reach a bit further than my friends and colleagues. Not that I mind at all writing for them. So for that it takes me to keep up with what I hope is good content and for you to subscribe, comment and spread the word if you like my letters.

7. ¡MUCHA MIERDA! Is the spanish version of Merde (Lots of Shit!) and that is also how we wish good luck in Mexican theatre. However this time it refers specifically to my new upcoming Video Podcast called exactly like that. I have a great lineup for interviews which is amazing. (And by the way I would like to thank them for their support, its quite moving). So if you speak Spanish stay tuned for its launch in January. And if you don’t speak Spanish, also subscribe so you see me talking funnily.

8. An HD TV and a PS3. I don’t think this needs further explanation.

9. A trip to Vegas. Hehe, not only is my best friend’s Bachelor Party over there but also there are so many new shows going on there that its worth a trip just to see what is new with Cirque. They are opening an Elvis show and I haven’t seen Love. I am excited about this shows but honestly, does Cirque really need to go into this formula of using a band’s success to have a good show? I don’t think so. Elvis and Beatles are ok, but lets leave it there, please. Cirque du Soleil is amazing on their own.

10. A Musical Movie. I know this wish is granted with Nine and Fame coming soon to Theatres near you but having one in line is not so bad. If you asked me, I would love to see Into the Woods turn into a movie. Maybe Miss Saigon would work as well and Wicked of course, but since Wicked is doing so well in productions Worldwide and many to come, maybe its not time yet for that. On the other hand I loved what Sony did with RENT: The Live Performance. I would really love to see more of that, specially with shows that already closed (they have nothing to loose that way). Maybe Beauty and The Beast the Broadway show on Movie Theatres? That would be awesome!!!! Then be able to own on DVD, priceless! (Well, usually around 30 bucks).

11. The Apple Tablet. As many of you know there have been so many rumors on this product and Apple’s competition to the netbooks. I think Apple has the right to establish how the tablet era is going to work (they did it pretty well with Mp3 players and Cellphones). So I can’t wait for that mobility on a desktop and all the applications that we could potentially develop for theatre production, specially stage management and PMing. (See my post: Technology Sluts? I mean slots..)

12. Love. Awwww. Yes. It would be great if we could improve the love for us and people like us, then we will be able to love more people beyond our comprehension and status, and eventually love people in general (that is in general, you may still hate a couple ones). Love in movies, in shows, in poems, in arts and in conversation. Love in strangers and specially those we know. Hehe, I had to finish with something utopic and Christmasy.

Thank you for reading and hope that you enjoy this 12 days of Christmas and joy. Don’t be a Grinch and get caught up in the spirit, even if it seems fake its a good excuse to give a hug and a present and eat a lot of good food. I would love to hear about your wishes so please visit, comment, subscribe and share. PEACE.

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