Technology Sluts? I mean slots…

This morning I read two blog articles from two of my favourite Blogs out there. (They won a spot on my reference section, I highly recommend subscribing). As many of you know I have a theatre production company and one of our main projects at the moment is what we code call for now StagePaper. Its a software that will deal with all sorts of Stage Management, Production Management and Rehearsal Needs on a new interactive format. I have always been very proud of this we are working on and believe that eventually we need to switch to this kind of resources to stop wasting paper, time and money.

Mr. Ken Davenport is a Broadway producer who keeps his blog updated, is on Twitter, and wants a Kindle and an iPhone for Xmas. He posted a couple days ago (find link below) about this new slot machines that are interactive and with a flashy screen and how the magic of the old slots with spinning wheels is simply not there. He concludes his article by saying that some things can be removed from its essence when big technology advancements are implemented and that live performance is one of those things. While I agree completely on the slot machine example, I disagree with the idea that suggests that incorporating the latest technology to performing arts will take something away from it. I know Ken is mostly talking about the stage and I still have my doubts about that, but in the core of our industry? PLEASE! Do we need to call a show strictly from a binder? Do we really need to post hundreds of schedules that we re-print all day long? Do we really need to go through pounds and pounds of paper with script versions and modifications?

The second post is the other side of the coin. What Time Inc. (Sports Illustrated among others) is doing to prepare to the tablet era (Find link below). Basically they are doing a virtual version of their magazine, but this is not what everyone thought it would be where they would PDF their magazine. No, its taking it to a totally new level of interaction and content. Please do check it out. We all need to embrace this kind of stuff because its the future of communication and what will keep us growing in any industry and as a society is the improvements on the way we communicate. I can assure you that no matter what industry or project you are working for, the main issue is always lack of communication amongst people. Do you miss newspapers when you watch the news on TV? Do you miss telegrams when you use your telephone? Or do you miss your landline when you are using your cellphone? Of course there are some pros and cons in anything we do, but lets get over it and embrace new technologies (especially when they save trees).

Speaking of communication, please comment. Can you live without paper? Can you read a newspaper or magazine on a tablet, iphone or kindle? Would you have a Kindle or Tablet in your hand instead of a paper script? Would you pay  as you pay for your magazines in the stands for an e-version of it? Please comment and subscribe!

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Ken Davenport’s Article:

Mac Rumors’ Article:


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