It’s good to be back

Hello Blog buddies. It has been a while eh? as you can see in the last post its been months since I abandoned this blog. The main reason, work and transition. The last post was written from Montreal where I was living and I was going to live in Toronto. Guess what, I’ve been living in México City for the past 5 months and have already had plenty of experience good and bad. But you don’t need to be bored on the uncomfortable details. The real deal is that I am back finally in web media, after loosing some readers and a whole bunch of twitter followers I decided to go back and work on this that I love.

So what is new? Not much… hehe. But mainly that soon this blog will have its own domain name so you can quick reference to it. I will keep commenting on theatre and technology around the world, etc. However, I will develop a secondary project in Spanish, since most of my readers are english spoken and the shows that I can review will be mostly in spanish I will keep these two audiences separated. For those of you who do speak spanish, there will be soon a Podcast (yeaaah!!!! finally!!!!) with reviews and interviews of the Mexican Theatre life. Hope you will enjoy it!

With not much left to say, I hope you subscribe and visit, and please comment so I can whip into shape (hi Legally Bond fans) and have a blog that stands to its readers. Thank you once again for your comprehension and patience and looking forward to read you around.


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