The Toy of the Future

mindflexRemember in the movie Back to The Future 2, when Marty McFly goes to the future? (which by the way is 2015 and they have flying cars and skateboards but no laptops, maybe we will go to Netbooks, then back to cellphones and no laptops… anyway…). There is a scene where he teaches two little kids how to play this ‘retro’ shooting game and the kids say something like “You have to use your hands? Boring!”. Well, we still don’t have floating skateboards but the vision of hand-less toys is comming true (like so many Star Trek gadgets). Mattel introduced this toy named MINDFLEX in something called the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and it has been all over the technology and gadget blogs. So in a few words, you put this headband in your head and connect two cables to your ears (yes, pretty Sci-Fi). Then, you are asked to concentrate and apparently the brain waves that you send will wirelessly activate a fan that will make the little foam ball float. Then you can use a knob (yes at the end you have to use your hands) to move the fan that is holding the ball through a series of obstacles. Its pretty amazing.

hpotterlevisoBut what not a lot of people know is that Mattel already had released a game that looks exactly like this one before, without the mental part. It was a Harry Potter toy called Levitation Challenge (I am aware this is my second Harry Potter reference in a row but not intentional). It was exactly the same concept and machine and you will see by the pictures how similar they are, but it had a lever to control the fan, which now you control with your mind. My cousin got for Christmas the Harry Potter one and I have to admit that even though it was a lot of fun, it was very difficult to operate for most of the ‘obstacles’. And now its going to be even harder. However, for $80 dollars is worth the novelty, and a fantastic drinking game! (I don’t know, every game can be a fantastic drinking game).

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