Blue-Ray Features: Bring us closer? or pull us appart?

Warner Bros. anounced a while ago that there will be a new Feature in their Watchmen Blue-Ray Disc to sync with Facebook. Now, I didn’t know much about all of this (cause unfortunately I don’t have a Blue-Ray yet) but I did some research. So basically there is this thing called BD Live. It allows your Blue-Ray player to connect to the internet and access all kinds of information. For example, Dark Knight had live director’s commentary on a special night and communication with other users and other players. However, as it seems they are still experimenting on what can they do with it. Back to Watchmen and Facebook. You will be able to set up your Blue-Ray to let all of your friends know on Facebook when are you going to watch your movie, and when you are watching etc. Being able to sync up with your friends, you will be able to do commentary with your friends etc.

There has been a lot of commentary (both possitive and negative) about this feature. Personally I think its one of those things that you go: It would be great if everyone has it but really how many people are into that today? Nevertheless, I think its brilliant that we are finding new ways of doing this. Maybe incorporating a webcam into this feature would be neat. Me for example I live far away from my family and I miss our Sunday night movies all squishing together in the couch, this way, maybe we could watch movies again (with my parents interruptions as usual). On the other side of the coin, there is this things that puts a barrier in our communication. Have you notice how now for parties we do Facebook events? In theory it ‘helps’ us communicate but in reallity its substituing the phone call now. So in a way its pulling us appart and now you get so many Facebook event invitations that you don’t feel special (or commited) in any way and its very easy to click ‘maybe attending’ when you know you are not really interested in going, but maybe if they called you, you would feel different.

The truth is, I deeply support this discovery of new ways of communicating. What we do or don’t do with them is indifferent to the value of its existence. The truth is that all of our media is starting to interact: Movies on iTunes and the iPod, DVDs and Bue-Ray connecting to the Internet, our Cell Phones becoming browsers and little TVs, our TVs becomming internet browsers, our Books becoming blog readers and our newspapers and magazines becomming blogs and tweets, our home phones becomming webcams and Skype lines, etc.

What do you think? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Leave a comment!

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