3D Broadway. Too much to ask?


I just walked through a poster for the new Disney/Pixar upcoming film called ‘UP’ and it is advertised as a 3D movie. So I decided to get back to the computer and do a little research and it turns out that UP is going to open the Cannes Festival. A full 3D animated film is not new now, specially not from Disney. However, it seems that there is a lot of buzz with studios trying to bring audiences back to the movie theatres (apparently people prefer their plasma screens and blue-ray discs these days) by adopting this format. James Cameron is preparing AVATAR in 3D, and apparently Tim Burton, George Lucas and other people are doing 3D stuff. I honestly look forward to this era (if that is what it is), after all, I was blown away by the 3D IMAX scene of the Harry Potter 5 movie.

Now another thing that has me really excited is Sony’s Hot Ticket. I think this only happens in selected cities but basically they film a live show (Rent on Broadway and Delirium from Cirque du Soleil) and screen it for a couple days. And a couple months ago they actually released RENT on DVD (don’t get confused, not the movie, the actual broadway show).

All of this is approaching an idea that I had like 5 years ago and jealously kept secret. Probably someone thought of it before, but wouldn’t it be great to film a Broadway show in a still 3D IMAX camera, and then screen it in real size? Wouldn’t that be an hiper-realistic theatre experience? We will be able to see Broadway shows all over the world. Evidently, it will not be the same and I am sure there will be plenty of selfish people that will say that they are destroying the essence of theatre. But nothing is being destroyed, if anything there is a lot gained by bringing new audiences to our media and more people embracing Broadway Musicals and Plays. And like so, other countries and cultures may be inspired to produce amazing productions and sharing them back to the predominantly anglophone community of musical theatre.

So if there is a big shot IMAX producer out there reading this, please consider it and give me credit. Cause it might take me a while to get to make it happen. We have to face it, musical are back in the screen (thank the lord, Chicago and Moulin Rouge for that) and with 3D IMAX stuff being so popular, its just putting 2 and 2 together. Too much to ask?

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